Universalism Indeed

February 28, 2014 | by Pastor Jim Harrison

As a follow-up to Lemuel Haynes’ sermon, “Universal Salvation: A Very Ancient Doctrine”, I thought I would post the following.  In addition to being a preacher and theologian, Rev. Haynes was also a poet.  The poem, “Universalism Indeed” was published along with the sermon posted previously.  As you will no doubt realize, it is written with tongue planted firmly in cheek, until the last stanza.  Not to be too obvious, but Haynes’ point is that in order to hold to universal salvation, one must believe that sinners are ultimately rewarded for their sin, and not punished.



When seas shall waste, and skies in smoke decay,
Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt away;
In adamantine chains shall death be bound,
And hell’s grim tyrant feel the eternal wound.


But all his children reach fair Eden’s shore,
Not ever to see their father Satan more.
The tottering drunkard shall to glory reel,
And common strumpets endless pleasures feel.


Blest are the haughty who despise the poor,
For they’re entitled to the heavenly store;
Blest all who laugh and scoff at truth divine,
For bold revilers endless glories shine.


Blest are the clamorous and contentious crew,
To them eternal rest and peace is due;
Blest all who hunger and who thirst to find
A chance to plunder and to cheat mankind.


Such die in peace – for God to them has given,
To be unjust on earth and go to Heaven;
Blest is the wretch whose bowels never move,
With generous pity or with tender love;
He shall find mercy from the God above.


Blest all who seek to wrangle or to fight,
Such mount from seas of blood to worlds of light
Go riot, drink, and every ill pursue,
For joys eternal are reserved for you.


Fear not to sin, until death shall close your eyes;
Live as you please, yours is the immortal prize.
Old serpent hail!  thou madest a just reply
To Mother Eve, ‘ye shall not surely die!’


But reader stop! and in God’s holy fear,
With sacred truth these tenants first compare;
Our Saviour’s sermon on the mount peruse—
Read with attention, and the bane refuse!

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