The End Result of Liberalism

November 18, 2015 | by Pastor Jim Harrison

Jeff Gissing is the Pastor of Discipleship in a church affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (PCUSA).  In a blog post lamenting the condition of that denomination, this paragraph  struck me.  It seems to be a good description of difference between a church that has drifted into apostasy, and a church which has remained faithful.

I should issue a caveat before I quote pastor Gissing.  When he says “Presbyterian”, he is referring primarily to the PCUSA, a mainline, liberal, largely apostate (IMO), presbyterian church.  What is true of the PCUSA is not true when it comes to evangelical Presbyterian churches such as the Presbyterian Church of America and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  Likewise, though he speaks well of “Baptists”, it is also true that there are, unfortunately, liberal, apostate churches and denominations, as well.

All that being said, I was particularly amused by the last sentence of this paragraph:

“I recall going to presbytery meetings (I was in North Carolina at the time) and being asked to share bright spots of ministry. To a person, every bright spot was some service project or another. We celebrated hikers’ ministry, renting out a fellowship hall to a church youth group, food banks, you name it. There wasn’t a single example of someone having a saving encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and being converted. There wasn’t a single example even of a new Bible study or some new evangelistic discussion group. The reason we didn’t celebrate these thing is that for many of the people at that meeting the idea of a saving encounter with Jesus was a totally foreign concept. People don’t get saved in presbyterian churches–if you want that, try the baptists.”

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