Pray for the Brethren in TX

November 6, 2017 | by Pastor Jim Harrison

As if we needed another reminder that the world in which we live is fallen, a gunman yesterday entered into the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX during morning worship.  As of this writing, it is reported that 26 are dead, 20 wounded, with the gunman having died by his own hand.

There are those who will scoff at the call for prayer, saying, rather, “No!  We’ve got to do something!”  Allow me to make a few points:

First, those who would say such a thing have more in common with the shooter, than with the victims.  Those acquainted with him are already describing him as follows:

‘He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re (sic) stupid and trying to preach his atheism’.

Secondly, those on the scene are already doing what needs to be done.  For those of us who are not personally involved, and cannot, as of now, help in a material or physical way, let us be reminded that when we pray we are doing something.  But prayer is not just what we do when we cannot do something “real”.  Prayer is what we do “without ceasing”.  Prayer is what upholds us when we feel helpless, and prayer is what upholds us when we act.  Pray is the power which calms us when there is “nothing we can do”, and prayer is the power which sustains us when we are doing all that we can do.

So pray.  Intercede for the wounded.  Plead for peace upon the grieving. And pray with me, as I pray with the apostle John, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

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