Infanticide and the Depravity of Man

March 11, 2019 | by James M. Harrison

The inevitable result of Roe vs. Wade is the move from abortion to infanticide. It was only a matter of time. This predictable end is now being realized, first in NY, and also in the recent statements of the governor of VA. But this is not a progression. It is a reversion. When the constraints of righteousness are cast off, when the restraining bonds of Christianity are severed, the result is not an advance of civilization, but rather a regression. Most certainly, our contemporary depravity will be exercised in a more sterile fashion. We’ll leave our unwanted babies to die in clinics, rather than on a hillside. But that is a difference merely superficial. However the killing may be carried out, it remains a cultural declaration. It is our declaration that man has no intrinsic value. Man is merely useful, or he is not. And in their pride, others, more privileged and powerful, find themselves worthy to make that decision.

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