Harold Camping: Dead at 92

December 17, 2013 | by Pastor Jim Harrison

I’ve just heard the news that Harold Camping has died.  The news reports say that sometime Saturday, in his home, he fell, injuring himself.  He was taken to the hospital and never recovered, passing away this past Sunday, Dec. 15th.

At this point, the only word that comes to mind is, “tragedy”.  Not that his death is a tragedy.  I’m not sure that term can be attached to the death of anyone who has reached the age of 92.  The word “tragedy” does not describe his death, but it certainly describes his life.  So much could have been accomplished through Family Radio, if he would have been content to use the network to provide a forum for godly, responsible men of God.  Instead, in spite the attempts of so many to offer discipline and correction, so much was destroyed. 

May God give us teachable hearts, and may He continue to build His kingdom.


  1. Craig Truglia

    I like Family Radio for their morning “Bible Quiz.”

    I remember hearing Camping for the first time. He sounded pretty normal until he spoke of May 21st, 2011 and other strange doctrines (he taught that Christ was crucified before creation existed and then crucified again…)

    No one knows the time and the date…

    • Joseph Narcisse

      He sounded normal? Not even close. Remember this is a person who did not believe and preached against the Church, the body of Christ, among many other aberrant teachings.

      • Jim Harrison

        Peace, brothers. lol

        It all depended upon when and how one listened, didn’t it? If you just tuned in now and then, for only a few minutes, one might only hear him talking about relatively uncontroversial subjects. But certainly, he had a host of problems. Let’s not forget that he went off the rails as far back as the early ’90s with his first prediction of Christ’s coming. Then, instead of allowing that humiliation to bring him to repentance and and humble teachability, he doubled-down, so to speak, and kept going further and further afield.

        If one didn’t know the history, and just listened sporadically, one might not pick up on all of this right away. And yet, as Craig describes in his own experience, it wouldn’t take long to discover that something was seriously wrong.

        • Joseph Narcisse

          True True. Out of curiosity I listened today and noticed they are using materials from Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham). Maybe things are changing for the better. Let’s pray so.

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