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24 Mar

Man in His Church

1 Tim. 1-7; Eph. 4:11-16

17 Mar

Man in His Work

Colossians 3:22-24

10 Mar

Man in His Marriage

Genesis 2

Going Deeper

March 31 | 2:00pm

Is God a Genocidal Monster?

Going Deeper

It sounds, to the ears of believers, to be a question that crosses the line into blasphemy.  And yet, it is a question that is not uncommon when one is engaged in apologetic and evangelistic conversations with unbelievers.  After all, God did command the Israelites, when they entered the Promised Land, to destroy every man, woman, and child among the Canaanite people already in the land.  Does that not sound like genocide?

This is one of those difficult questions with which we must grapple.  How are we to understand this episode in Biblical history?  How does this fit into our understanding of the biblical centrality of Christ and redemption?

Please join us as we seek to develop a biblical understanding of this difficult question.


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