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21 Apr

Face to Face with the Risen Lord

John 20:11-18

14 Apr

God, Not Idols

Exodus 20:4-6

07 Apr

God and God Alone

Exodus 20:3

Why Must We Complicate Things?

By James M. Harrison


"If We Seek Salvation..."

By John Calvin

"The Institutes of the Christian Religion", Book 2, Chapter 16, Section 19Read More ->

Adult and Child Discipleship Class

Sundays at 9:45-10:45am

Join us as we begin a discussion at Adult Discipleship on theĀ  Study of the Word

Ministry Opportunities

Every Week

Ladies’ Bible Study class meet on Tuesdays at 11:00 am – Q & A

Bible and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday night at 7:00pm – Book of 1 Peter

Men’s Bible Study class meet on Thursdays at 7:oo am – Book of Matthew