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22 Nov

Behold, Your King!

John 18:28-40

15 Nov

The Judge on Trial


08 Nov


John 18:19-24, 28-32

I'm Going to England! Well, Maybe Not...

By Pastor Jim Harrison

What a blessing! What a privilege! What an acknowledgement of God's favor! What a scam.Read More ->

The End Result of Liberalism

By Pastor Jim Harrison

People don’t get saved in presbyterian churches–if you want that, try the baptists.Read More ->

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Pastor Harrison on Iron Sharpens Iron Radio NOW THURS. July 30th

July 30 | 5:00pm

Pastor Harrison will once again be appearing as a guest on Chris Arnzen’s Iron Sharpen Iron radio program.  THE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO THURSDAY, JULY 30TH AT 5PM.  The interview will be in regards to a Going Deeper lecture that Pastor delivered a few months ago dealing with lessons that the Evangelical church can and should learn from the experience of Dr. Thomas Oden, once a radical liberal theologian who later came to understand and embrace classical Christianity.

Dr. Oden, himself, will be appearing on the same program the day before, Thursday, July 20th.

Both of these programs can be streamed live at  We will also make the recordings available when we are able to do so.  That normally takes a few weeks, however.

Pastor’s previous appearance on Iron Sharpens Iron is available at here: