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14 Oct


Exodus 19:7:15

07 Oct

A Kingdom of Priests

Exodus 19:1-6

30 Sep

A Father-In-Law's Wise Advice

Exodus 18:1-27

Pray for the Brethren in TX

By Pastor Jim Harrison

There are those who will scoff at the call for prayer, saying, rather, "No! We've got to do something!" Allow me to make a few points:Read More ->

Reading Revelation

By Pastor Jim Harrison

Some things to keep in mind when reading Revelation.Read More ->

Adult and Child Discipleship Class

Sundays at 9:45-10:45am

Join us as we begin a discussion at Adult Discipleship on the  Study of Biblical Worship Disciplines.

Women’s Ministry Session

October 20 | 2:00pm

Join the women’s ministry session for a viewing of Jen Wilkin’s message on “Reclaiming Psalm 139 from the clutches of Coffee Cups & Picture Frames”. Jen Wilkin is an author, speaker and biblical teacher.  Discussion and dessert will follow.

Bowling Fellowship

October 27 | 2:00pm

Come play and spend time with us at Jefferson Valley Lanes at 2 – 4pm.  $20 pp includes bowling, shoe rental, and refreshments.  Please bring your payment to the church office or send your payment to PayPal.Me/redmillsbaptist